Servicing Florida and the surrounding areas. Our technicians are experts in the field of windshield repair and replacement. They will guide and assist you – giving you the full service you deserve.

Safety System Recalibration

Our mobile techs offer high-quality precision calibration on the road, to make calibrating your cameras and censors as easy and convenient as possible.

Over 30 Years Of Experience

With more than 30 years of experience, Dr.Car Glass knows auto glass. From front and rear windshields to side glass, we’re proud to serve thousands of customers every year. Whatever your auto glass needs may be, there’s a good chance we can fix it through repair or replacement.

Family Owned

Who better to celebrate wins and push through the challenges with than family? Together we strive to offer the highest quality of service to all of our customers.

The process that produces our inspiring results:

Training that yields results.

In order to service our client's needs, we become students of the industry. As automobile manufacturers are constantly evolving and producing sophisticated technology our technicians are staying ahead of the curve constantly advancing their skills to keep up. Our methods of glass repair and replacements are always up to date leaving no vehicle that cant be serviced.

Customer Feedback Matters

Collecting customer feedback shows you value their opinions. By asking your clients for feedback you communicate that their opinion is important to you. Listening to their voices helps you improve your service. We all know that customer satisfaction is the key to a successful business. But where does that satisfaction come from? What inspires your customers to continue doing business with you? We are always listening to your answers!

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